Stainless Steel Electrode Incarnations

Stainless steel is chromium is more than 12 types of steel. Stainless steel electrodes since their invention in 1912 achieved rapid development, the world still increasing at an annual rate of 35. The stainless steel consumption of 35 million in the world. Our country is in the application of the rapid growth of production and consumption of stainless steel, which has been widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, light industry, food, brewing, pharmaceutical, household appliances, water and electricity, machinery, construction, municipal, and in various civil apparatus.

In our country from the 50 s, development and production of the stainless electrode in 1997 the total output of more than 7000 tons of Chinese stainless electrode. With the rapid growth of China’s stainless steel consumption in recent years, domestic stainless steel electrode has more than 35000 tons, 2004 domestic stainless steel electrode in 2006 is expected to be 50000 tons.

Stainless steel electrode developed in the 50 s, calcium is mainly followed the former Soviet union titanium slag system and the system of raw materials, it has low cost, easy pressure, stomatal resistance, mechanical performance is good wait for an advantage, but compared with the similar European famous brand stainless electrode red serious, big splash,

deslagging, and poor forming, low welding efficiency, and large waste, so since the mid – seventy – s to the early eighty s, in view of the domestic imports AVESTA Sweden company green P5 electrode some domestic scientific research institutions cooperate with electrode production enterprise, is stainless electrode coated red loss reasons and the solutions are studied, such as the welding and welding electrode factory in Tianjin, Harbin industrial university in Gansu province and by the Maryland Changhong welding electrode under and machine tool plant in Shanxi Province, Taiyuan institute of technology, etc.

In the eighty s, after the above several papers have been published, people on the one hand, to think that their work is meaningful, get a lot of progress; On the other hand the electrode of the several developed after the actual test, also think is still an obvious gap with foreign products, but since then, the domestic research on this aspect of the work is in the situation, step back from the early 80 s to the early ninety s decade due to we have that there is no research literature quantity of stainless steel electrode. Since the early ninety s, domestic research on stainless electrodes is active.

Taiyuan first king treasure, salty sun, and others on stainless electrodes were studied on the basis of previous work the basic principle and way to process design, is an important breakthrough in the stainless electrode design theory, and thus won the 2000 national scientific and technological progress second prize; Were put building research institute after Tang Bogang in the mid – ninety – s of digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology and successful completion of the domestic new type of electrode of stainless steel series improvement, and successfully established Beijing Kingsway welding material co., LTD., achieve the perfect combination of theory and practice, since starting production in 1994, the stainless electrode production has reached its annual output of 3000 tons.

In the late ninety s to the early part of this century, the domestic stainless electrode and studies have sprung up, although its level itself does not exceed the two existing levels, for active academic atmosphere, to strengthen learning communication is still good.

Foreign stainless steel electrode of industrialized production began in the early 20 s, followed by the corresponding stainless electrode, mature products of stainless steel electrode in around 1965, represented by European countries, especially in Western Europe Sweden, a population of only 8 million or so, and focus on the ESAB, AVESTA, and SANDVIK world-class stainless steel welding material manufacturer, which the AVESTA bison brand stainless electrode is the model of stainless electrode. Japan, Taiwan, and South Asian countries, the technical foundation of stainless electrodes in Europe.

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