Current operating modes and principles of stainless steel chains

First is the stainless steel chain: the material of the parts is stainless steel, this kind of chain is suitable for use in the food industry and the occasions that are susceptible to corrosion by chemicals and drugs, and can also be used in high and low-temperature occasions.

Followed by nickel-plated chains, galvanized chains, and chrome-plated chains: all chains composed of carbon steel materials can be surface treated. The surface of the parts is nickel-plated, zinc-plated, or chrome-plated, which can be used in outdoor rain erosion and other occasions, but it cannot be prevented. Strong chemical liquids corrode. Self-lubricating chain: Some parts are made of a kind of sintered metal impregnated with lubricating oil.

This kind of chain has excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance does not require maintenance (maintenance-free) and has the characteristics of long service life. It is widely used in occasions where the force is high, the wear resistance is required, and the maintenance cannot be carried out frequently, such as the automatic production line of the food industry, high-end bicycle racing, and low-maintenance high-precision transmission machinery.

Rubber chain: This type of chain is based on the A, B series of stainless steel chains with a U-shaped attachment plate on the outer link, and rubber (such as natural rubber NR, silicone rubber SI, etc.) is attached to the attachment plate to increase the wearability. Reduce noise and increase shock resistance. Used for transportation.

Type sealing ring chain: O-rings for sealing are installed between the inner and outer chain plates of the roller chain to prevent dust from entering and grease from flowing out of the hinge. The stainless steel chain is strictly pre-lubricated. Because the chain has super-strong parts and reliable lubrication, it can be used in open transmissions such as motorcycles.

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